Begemotfoto is a partnership of two award-winning photographers: Al Lapkovsky and Katya Evdokimova, who are currently based in Europe and have worked as independent photographers since 2003. As a creative photographic duo they work in most diverse areas blurring the boundaries between commercial imagery and fine art photography. In their stylistic approach, they both combine the eye for reality as well as their intuitive feeling for situations and people, bringing a unique vision to their images. Their portfolio embraces narrative qualities which show cutting-edge authenticity, boundless instinct for moods and preference for the dramatic gesture - invaluable qualities which have contributed to them gathering a multitude of international awards and been published by such leading European magazines and newspaper as The Times, The Telegraph, The Sunday Times Magazine, The Independent and Reader's Digest. Their ability to integrate seamlessly concept and realism in both their commercial and personal work have helped to produce exceptional work for such clients as Bosch, Vauxhall, Tiger Lily Films, Royal Shakespeare Company and Hyperion among others.

With the in-house post-production department they also take care of all aspects of retouching personally so the whole process of creating images is taken care of by the same team.

Al and Katya are available for bookings worldwide and will be happy to visualise your idea for you.

With their attention to detail and personal observations of everyday life as well as their love for art, they take pride in their work and will strive to provide an outstanding result and to realize full potential for your ideas. And most importantly, if you have got a project in mind and need a photographer, please get in touch!