Photography By Al Lapkovsky


London ghost city

"We're altering the environment far faster than we can possibly predict the consequences. This is bound to lead to some surprises." Dr. Stephen Schneider, National Centre for Atmospheric Research

One of the most current and widely discussed factors, which could lead to the ultimate end of existence of the Earth and Man, is global warming and its devastating effects. We all know that it is happening now and it is happening fast.

Although the government and the public acknowledge the problem as such, the scientists' view, on the other hand, is much grimmer. The idea of the project has been governed by the rather unhappy forecasts of the latter. If nothing is to be done in favour to change the direction of people's attitudes, then the result is what one sees in these photographs – desolated, neglected and derelict London (or any other city for that matter) with not much of a human life remaining. I wanted to show - primarily to the residents of the capital - what it would feel like to see their city reach the state of no return. No more people rushing to work in the mornings, no tourists walking around leisurely, no families enjoying their Sunday lunch in the park, no dogs barking, or trees blossoming in the garden. For there will be no gardens or parks left either. Void and empty. The only place left for sightseeing is ruins and emptiness ‘gracing’ every street and corner of the city.

The main context is also to give that extra thought about our future: to be or not to be. Reflections within the images should scare enough to stop irresponsible behavior on our part and bring together the effort on behalf of each one of us to change the course of a future crisis.