Photography By Al Lapkovsky


Project 55

Project 55, named after my use of polaroid P/N 55 film, displays an imaginative examination of the interaction between the sitter and one’s alter ego. As the first Polaroid came out I realised I was looking for something more than just a straightforward portrait. I had the idea of juxtaposing two almost identical portraits of the same individual, including the same background, yet opposing each other. As I developed this concept further, my goal became to show the artist‘ moods, personalities, and relationships to their profession. Working with dramatic combinations of ambient and artificial lighting, and a highly stylized - almost theatrical visual sensibility - I try capture the magic that infuses the creative act. While the series itself is strongly concept-driven, and includes the use of collage for some images, the settings are key to creating the project’ allegorical underpinnings.